Discovering the Fundamental Forces in Development

Welcome to UrbanPlan’s new eLearning website. This site supports the high school students and their teachers, the university students and their professors, and the land use professional volunteers who are engaged in the UrbanPlan curriculum. You can jump directly to the high school, university, or volunteer sections of the site.

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UrbanPlan Video

The George Lucas Educational Foundation selected UrbanPlan as one of only 20 programs running in the United States—grades K through 12—for its “What Works in Education” series.

UrbanPlan at the High School

Problem-based learning economics curriculum for seniors and juniors. Building the foundation for sophisticated discourse about complex land use decisions through the education of tomorrow’s voters, neighbors, land use professionals, and public officials.

UrbanPlan at the University

Simulation/case study for graduate students entering the land use professions. Creating more sophisticated and effective land use professionals entering the land use professions, including developers, planners, architects, investors, lenders, and policy makers.

UrbanPlan Volunteers

Experienced land use practitioners interact with high school and university students. Volunteers attend a full-day training session to ensure their effectiveness in the classroom.

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